Automobiles like the Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S are some of the best cars with large touch screens. Take a look at these 10!

Automobiles and their features were such simple and necessary things in the early 1900s. From one passenger, it became two and then someone invented the backseat. Then in 1959, with the ingenuity of Nils Bohlin, Volvo installed the first seat belts in cars.

Then some decades later smart technology has infected all other mobile devices, including our cars. The touch screen panel is no longer a luxury we are happy to have, it's become a necessity that has to be bigger and easier to navigate. This is a list of ten cars with the largest and best screens on the market today.

The 2019 Toyota Prius Prime is a hybrid car on its second generation and was released three years ago. It comes in three models, Plus, Premium, and Advanced. While the Plus model has only the 7-inch touch screen, the Premium and Advanced get the bigger one at 11.6 inches. It's a high-resolution monitor with a split-screen display called the Entune Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and Entune App Suite.

It has a USB port and an auxiliary port, with iPod connectivity and control. It also includes a 3-month all-access trial to SiriusXM Satellite Radio. The 11.6-inch screen is one of the biggest in the market today.

The Range Rover Velar is a luxury SUV manufactured by Land Rover under Jaguar. This British vehicle is a state of the art machine from the inside to the outside. But its touch screen is only ten inches, oh wait, there's two of them, that makes it a 20-inch touch screen panel.

Located one above of the other, the two screens are called Touch Pro Duo, and they are the driver and passenger's partners in accessing GPS, music and entertainment at the same time. In the Range Rover Velar, there's no hassle in having to wait for the other person to finish anymore.

The Lexus RX SUV is equipped and powered with the Lexus Enform. This technology is accessed through a 12.3-inch touch screen located in the middle of the dashboard. The Lexus Enform App Suite is available as an option in all RX models and is included in Lexus' Navigation Packages.

The system has Voice Command features, audio and climate control, and provides 3D images of locations, traffic situations, and nearby gas stations when the car gets low on fuel. Connect your compatible phone and you'll be able to access its apps on the touch screen panel, like sports apps and streaming music.

The Ram 3500 is one of the biggest pick-up trucks manufactured by Ram, an American car manufacturer and part of the Dodge Brothers Company. But as soon as we step inside this vehicle, we'll find that it's not just the car that's big.

The Ram 3500 houses a 12-inch touch screen infotainment panel that fits this big truck perfectly. It even has a 360-degree-view camera and controls an audio system that consists of 17 speakers spread all over the vehicle's interior. The system is also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable, and the new SiriusXM 360L platform is also included.

As if the touch screen of the Tesla Model 3 is not big enough at 15 inches, Tesla installed a larger one in their Tesla Model S, two inches larger to be exact. This mammoth touch-screen panel looks like a Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet glued onto the dash of a Tesla car. It's exactly the size of the device as both are measured at 17 inches, but this one is just a feature in a Tesla car.

The system is equipped with anything an owner wishes, very visible maps, various media, a ready browser, voice command, and a lot of other stuff for the new-age driver.

The tech system that comes with the Porsche Cayenne is called PCM, or Porsche Communication Management, and it's controlled through the touch-screen display in the middle of the dash. The screen is measured at 12.3 inches and is user-friendly starting with a user-customized home screen, the owner can pre-select icons of their favorite radio stations, frequently called numbers, and navigation destinations.

The screen detects a hand even before it's touched, showing the user the menu list as soon as a hand comes near. It also has control over lights, driving and assistance programs, and can be saved on the profile. Speaking of profile, the PCM can store and save up to seven different user or driver profiles.

Audi calls its infotainment system MMI Touch Response and the Audi A8 sedan has two big screens on the dashboard. The bigger one on top measures 10 inches and the one below it is 8.6 inches. That's a total of 18.6 inches of high definition touch-screen action. Dual-touch screens make it a lot easier to navigate, especially if your passenger has a literal trigger finger.

We can use the top one for navigation and they can enjoy some in-car entertainment on the bottom screen. The screens also eliminated a lot of buttons on the panel and the driver's wheel.

BMW offers the best in luxury vehicles, it's not just how it looks outside and under the hood, but the sophistication of the tech inside. Powered by BMW Operating System 7.0, The BMW 7-Series has a touch-screen monitor measured at 10.25 inches, somewhat smaller than the rest of the cars on this list, but what's in it is definitely not.

The most sophisticated Parking Assistant Plus aids the driver in lateral parking, a surround-view system (includes panoramic, remote 3D, and top view) and Active Parking Distance Control, among others. The screen can be controlled by touch, voice, iDrive control, and gestures.

Ford Explorer's standard model comes with an 8-inch touch screen, but if we rise to the next level, the screen gets upgraded to a huge iPad-looking 10.1-inch-touch screen. This American brand SUV has been in the market since 1990 and the evolution is quite obvious in this huge touch-screen panel. Most screens in cars are horizontally-placed but the Explorer's is vertical, like Tesla, Ram, and the Prius Prime.

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The Sync 3 software is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready, with other functions in store for the driver and passenger. The 2020 Ford Explorer carries this amazing touch screen and it's out in the market now.

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class model is still in the works but recent articles featured images of the new model sporting a gigantic touch screen that rivals that of Tesla's Model S. What we have for now is side-by-side 12.3-inch-touch screens that almost covers half of the car's dashboard in the current and available 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The combined 44.6-inch monitor integrates the instrument panel and the infotainment system. The system has the usual, USB and Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and all the bells and whistles other cars have, but just looking at the massively wide panoramic screen is awe-inspiring in itself.

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