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You love working on your truck, but there are some tasks that you just can’t do with all four wheels on the ground. A bottle jack is the perfect portable solution for lifting your vehicle off the ground. A bottle jack is small and simple to use. All you need to do is buy the right one with the lifting power you need. Check out these bottle jacks to get your vehicle lifted sky high.

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A: While there are bottle jacks designed for low-clearance vehicles, they aren’t the best option. Floor jacks are a better choice for this purpose. They are best used with high-clearance vehicles with a lot of weight, such as trucks. They are ideal when you need a strong vertical lift. 

A: These jacks use hydraulics. There are two cylinders inside the body of the jack. You pump the handle, which moves the piston. As the piston moves, pressure increases. That pressure generates a force that lifts the shaft. The two cylinders use Pascal’s Law. You create pressure in the smaller canister, which then translates to pressure in the larger cylinder. Because the larger cylinder is bigger, it creates more pressure and lifting force that will lift your vehicle. 

A: Move your bottle jack into the spot under your vehicle recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Make sure your vehicle is on flat level ground. Close the release valve, and adjust the saddle so that it touches the vehicle. Pump the handle until the jack lifts to your desired height. When you’re finished working on your vehicle, lower it by removing the handle and releasing the valve. 

Compression Hydraulic Rod

The Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack is a powerful jack that will lift your vehicle with ease. If you need one that’s more budget-friendly, then the Omega Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a reliable alternative.

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