To get the most out of your 3D printer it needs be calibrated. Check out the best 3D printer calibration cube models and learn how to use them.

Calibration cubes are simple geometric shapes (usually cubes, hence the name) that help you fine-tune your 3D printer’s settings. They enable you to achieve maximum precision and accuracy in your prints.

These cubes are particularly important for assembly-required kits and lower-end machines that have not been factory-tuned. With these cubes, you can adjust your printer’s settings to produce precise, mechanical parts.

There are many ways to use calibration cubes. Before we get started, however, be sure to calibrate your 3D printer’s extruder. This will ensure that any defects will be strictly mechanical and not caused by extrusion inaccuracies.

What is it? The simple, classic, 20-mm cube, with its faces labeled X, Y, and Z. Also the most popular, due to its simplicity and ease of use. You should aim for each dimension (easily identified with the large letters) to be 20 mm.

What is it? An amped-up version of the classic calibration cube. It features 4 layers, at 25 mm, 20 mm, 15 mm, and 10 mm, with a notch at the front to indicate orientation. This is especially useful for identifying material shrinkage; if dimensions deviate at different amounts for each layer, you should correct your slicing software’s material shrinkage settings as described earlier.

What is it? A calibration cube made cuter. Unlike the other tests on this list, the “Cali Cat” is one that you’ll enjoy keeping after you’re done calibrating. The head and tail are different sizes, so like the dimensional accuracy test, you can use this cat to identify material shrinkage.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful in familiarizing you with calibration cubes and how they can be used to tune your 3D printer’s settings. You’re now one step closer to producing precise, mechanical prints!

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