WINNERSiemens WD14U520GB£765; 81/100This washer-dryer is great for stain removal, especially with cottons, and has a large drum with a capacity of 10kg. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and dries clothes quickly. Its energy consumption is low, too.

RUNNERS-UPBosch WDU28560GB£790; 80/100This easy-to-use machine is a good choice if you’re sensitive to laundry detergent, because its rinse cycles are particularly good – as are the spin cycles. The speedy drying programs leave clothes almost perfectly dry.

Grundig GWD59400CW£699; mid-priced washer-dryer is one of our higher scoring models, and is simple to use with a clear display screen. The performance is generally good, but the front air vent makes it noisier than other models when drying, which is worth noting if…

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